• Polaris Rzr Tube Long travel Kit

    Polaris Rzr Tube Long travel Kit

    This is our HD Tube +3 Long Travel kit. Made from 1.25x.120 wall 4130 Chromoly and matched with our HD Chromoly Balljoint pin, stainless steel Hardware, FK Uniballs and Boxed Rear Control Arms. You can order these for Turbo and non turbo models. Tig Or...

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  • Long Travel Suspension Kit +3

    Long Travel Suspension Kit +3

    This is the most advanced +3 Long Travel Kit on the market. We CAD designed and engineered this to out perform the competition. CNC Laser cut and CNC bending help keeps welding at a minimum. We also bent on the bottom of the Arms and weld on top, the...

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  • Chromoly Radius Rods 1.25x.120 Wall (2017-18)

    Chromoly Radius Rods 1.25x.120 Wall (2017-18)

    Super Heavy Duty Radius Rods Polaris XP1000 two seater and 4 seater Rear Radius Rods made from 1.25 inch .120 wall Chromoly Tubing with Chromoly Rod Ends and Stainless Steel Rod End Spacers. These Radius rods are super strong and lighter than the factory...

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  • Polaris Aluminum Radius Rods (2017-18)

    Polaris Aluminum Radius Rods (2017-18)

    These are the Aluminum Radius Rods for the Polaris XP1000 and XP1000 Turbo, 2-seat and 4-seat rzrs. We build these out of 6061 aluminum with chromoly rod ends, and stainless steel spacers. These are lighter, faster, stronger, and better overall...

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  • Aluminum XP1000 Tie Rods (w/ Clevis)

    Aluminum XP1000 Tie Rods (w/ Clevis)

     These Tie Rods include an aftermarket clevis that dramatically decreases the chance of having your tie rods come apart considering the clevis can sometimes be the only weak link causing a break. We use premium grade Aluminum materials to produce...

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