XP1000 Turbo

  • UTV Wolfpack

    (2014-21)Polaris RZR XP1000 / Turbo Race Cage/Turbo S

    Race ready and legally built for Lucas oil, Worcs, GNCC, dirt series, and with a few small additions / modifications will also meet BITD, Score and other desert racing Series requirements as well. Race tested and proven. C.A.D designed for strength we...

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  • Polaris RZR Chromoly Radius Rods

    UTV Wolfpack

    Polaris RZR Chromoly Radius Rods

    Super Heavy Duty Radius Rods Polaris XP1000 two seater and 4 seater Rear Radius Rods made from 1.25 inch .120 wall Chromoly Tubing with Chromoly Rod Ends and Stainless Steel Rod End Spacers. These Radius rods are super strong and lighter than the factory...

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  • Polaris RZR Radius Rods Heavy Duty Aluminum Radius Rods.

    UTV Wolfpack

    Polaris RZR Radius Rods XP1000/Turbo Aluminum Heavy Duty

    These are the Aluminum Radius Rods for the Polaris XP1000 and XP1000 Turbo, 2-seat and 4-seat rzrs. We build these out of 6061 aluminum with chromoly rod ends, and stainless steel spacers. These Polaris RZR Radius Rods XP1000/Turbo Aluminum Heavy...

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  • AGM Electric Jack


    AGM Electric Jack

    Why struggle with unsafe mechanical jacks, weak air jacks or limited use screw jacks? Now you can safely lift your ride with zero effort. The Electric Jack makes easy work of any lift with its single button operation and on the fly, quick release height...

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  • AGM Manual Jack includes universal hook


    AGM Manual Jack includes universal hook

    AGM Manual Jack includes universal hook Tired of slow and heavy jacks? The AGM Manual Jack is the compact, lightweight solutions to these problems. Its quick release height adjustment clamp (change lift point on the fly), concave pad design (prevents pad...

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  • Weld Washer 4130 Chromoly

    UTV Wolfpack

    Weld Washer 4130 Chromoly

    These are 4130 Chromoly Weld washers for your Frame to help keep tight tolerances to your bolts without having slop. These Get welded on your frame and create a stronger frame. Come in packs of 10  you can order 10mm or 12mm option They are .125...

  • 12mm Short Misalignment Spacer

    UTV Wolfpack

    12mm Short Misalignment Spacer

    Short Misalignment stainless steel spacer for Radius Rods or Sway Bar Downlinks. Short Spacers 12mm Hole Polaris RZR  You can now buy these spacers individually to build your own kit. We make these spacers out of 303 Stainless for strength and...

  • 5/8 Weld Bungs for .120 Wall Tubing Weld Kit

    UTV Wolfpack

    5/8 Weld Bungs for .120 Wall Tubing Weld Kit

    The Do It Yourself Weld kit consist of 5/8 Left Hand or 5/8 Right Hand depending on what your needs are for building your own rods. These are 4130 Chromoly steel Made for 1.25 x.120 wall Tubing 5/8 Left Hand Weld Bungs have a Wrench Flat the 5/8 Right...



    Brand New Release with the WOLFPACK Towels just in time for summer, These towels not only look great but they are soft to the touch and perfect for any trip to the beach, river or your pool. We have a limited supply of these towels, so if you want one...

  • Turbo S Honey Badger Grill

    Turbo S Honey Badger Grill

    ON SALE!!!!!!!!!! NORMALLY $145 Fits all Turbo S Models and the Newer Turbo and Non turbo vehicles with the same fascia  Super Clean With Honey Comb Mesh in Gloss Black, This is the New HONEY BADGER GRILL for the POLARIS Rzr This Grill was made...

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