Cage Parts

  • Wolfpack Face Mask

    UTV Wolfpack

    Wolfpack Face Mask

    4 Masks for $25 sale going on now. Normally $15 Each Flat Rate Shipping  You get 4 masks in this order shipped. We Ship Same Day on orders before 1pm Pacific time   Wolfpack Breathable Face Mask that keeps the dust down, Wear the face mask...

    $60.00 $25.00
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  • 4 Seat Cage Polaris XP1000 build parts

    UTV Wolfpack

    4 Seat Cage Polaris XP1000 build parts

    This is for the DIY Guys that want to build there one cages, These replace the cage feet and also the door hinges for the 4 seat Rzr, These hinges work on all model 4 seat Xp1000 Model Rzrs including Turbo, Non Turbo and Turbo S 2014-2020 If you have any...

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  • Polaris RZR XP1000/XP1000 Turbo Cage Bungs

    UTV Wolfpack

    Polaris RZR XP1000/XP1000 Turbo Cage Bungs

    These are Machined Cage Bungs for the Polaris XP1000 two seater. Made for Pillar A-B-C for Tubes 1 3/4 .095 wall tubing. These are great if you want to build your own cage. Pre-drilled holes in bungs to run LED Bar wires and any other wiring into...

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  • Steering Wheel Quick Release Hub

    Steering Wheel Quick Release Hub

    We ship this item 2 day FEDEX unless your address is USPS    This is our Billet Steering Wheel Quick release Hub with 6 bolt pattern. Fits any 6 bolt Momo, Sparco and similar steering wheels. These are built for the dirt and for racing. You...

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  • Included is whats is marked green

    UTV Wolfpack

    Universal Race Doors

    These are universal Race doors for adding to an aftermarket cage, We built these close to the A and B pillar bungs so that they work with the majority of aftermarket cages. If the cage has drastic features it does not take much to make them fit perfect...

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  • Wolfpack Sticker

    UTV Wolfpack

    Wolfpack Sticker

    Free Wolfpack Stickers to people that want to represent The WOLFPACK We are always looking for Ambassadors and Racers or just people that live an outdoor lifestyle. If you have a specific size in mind please add what size you need in the notes. Most...

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