UTV Wolfpack


    OUr Chromoly HD Inner Tie Rods, These replace the factory weak links that usually break, We designed these to be used with just about everyones aftermarket Tie Rods. They come in two different sizes on the inner threads you can choose the M14x1.5 RH or...

  • Tire Repair Kit

    UTV Wolfpack

    Tire Repair Kit

    PRODUCT SHIPS FREE SAME DAY 2 DAY EXPRESS FEDEX This is the Premium UTV/Truck Tire Repair Kit, 30+ Piece Trail kit, The bag is heavy duty and made to hold other items that you collect on the way for your Trail UTV needs. Punctured tires on trails happen...

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  • Weld Washer 4130 Chromoly

    UTV Wolfpack

    Weld Washer 4130 Chromoly

    These are 4130 Chromoly Weld washers for your Frame to help keep tight tolerances to your bolts without having slop. These Get welded on your frame and create a stronger frame. Come in packs of 10  you can order 10mm or 12mm option They are .125...

  • 5/8 Weld Bungs for .120 Wall Tubing Weld Kit

    UTV Wolfpack

    5/8 Weld Bungs for .120 Wall Tubing Weld Kit

    The Do It Yourself Weld kit consist of 5/8 Left Hand or 5/8 Right Hand depending on what your needs are for building your own rods. These are 4130 Chromoly steel Made for 1.25 x.120 wall Tubing 5/8 Left Hand Weld Bungs have a Wrench Flat the 5/8 Right...

  • Steering Wheel Quick Release Hub

    Steering Wheel Quick Release Hub

    We ship this item 2 day FEDEX Flat Rate anywhere in the U.S    This is our Billet Steering Wheel Quick release Hub with 6 bolt pattern. Fits any 6 bolt Momo, Sparco and similar steering wheels. These are built for the dirt and for racing. You...

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  • Kit Comes with 4 Left Hand and 4 Right hand 3 Piece Race Chromoly 5/8 18 Thread Rod ends with 8 Short Stainless Steel Spacers and 8 Tall Stainless Steel Spacers

    UTV Wolfpack

    Polaris RZR Radius Rod rebuild kit

    Polaris RZR // Radius Rod Rebuild kit  *Make sure to select the correct and year. You can now buy these spacers individually to build your own kit. We make these spacers out of 303 Stainless for strength and longevity of the part. These do not rust...

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  • Polaris RZR Stock Replacement Arms

    UTV Wolfpack

    Polaris RZR Stock Replacement Arms

    Polaris Xp1000 Chromoly Stock Replacement Front A Arms, These arms are roughly 5-6 times stronger than factory, These arms are made from .120 Wall 4130 Chromoly and matched with our 4130 Balljoint stud and FK Uniball Bearing, these arms are MADE IN...

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  • Threaded weld Bung 5/8 18 right hand

    UTV Wolfpack

    Threaded weld Bung 5/8 18 right hand

    1.5x.095 Chromoly Weld Bung With 5/8 18 RH Thread, These are made out of 4130 and are great for making end links, Radius Rods, A Arms or adding a threaded weld bung to any project. If you have bulk pricing please email us or call. These are the Same...

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  • 1.25x.120 Wall Threaded weld bung Right Hand Thread

    UTV Wolfpack

    1.25x.120 Wall Threaded weld bung Right Hand Thread

    1.25x.120 Wall Thread Weld bung 5/8 18 Right Hand these are made of 4130 Chromoly. These are made with Wolfpack's Proprietary design these re not like the other off the shelf Weld in bungs that you use for UTV Radius Rods. These have a taper on the end...

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  • Alpha Mutli-Tool - Steering Wheel Puller

    UTV Wolfpack

    Alpha Mutli-Tool - Steering Wheel Puller

    Patent pending Wolfpack Multi-Use Tool is a steering wheel puller, Polaris Clutch Tool and Bottle Opener. Steering Wheel  Puller Tool for all Polaris SXS Models 4 seat and 2 seat. This is one of those great ideas from the minds at UTV Wolfpack, We...

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  • Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

    UTV Wolfpack

    UTV Wolfpack Steering Wheel Carbon Fiber Deep Dish

    ON SALE FOR A SHORT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the one of the Strongest Steering Wheels on the market, When we starting Racing we found that the normal Steering Wheels from suppliers were made for Street cars and the inner frame was thin metal, After...

    $125.00 $70.00
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  • Polaris Rzr Tie Rod Spindle Stud Stainless Steel (pair)

    UTV Wolfpack

    Polaris Rzr Tie Rod Spindle Stud Stainless Steel (pair)

    Polaris Rzr Tie Rod Spindle Stud Stainless Steel. This part can be used universally. This is the part that goes on the outside of the tie rods into the spindle. Notice on the 2015-23 Rzr's the spindle has a slight taper. Our Spindle stud is made from...

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  • Stainless Spacer Packs 10mm

    UTV Wolfpack

    Stainless Spacer Packs 10mm

    Stainless Steel Spacers are made for Radius Rods, Down links, Tie Rods and Suspension Components for Polaris or Can Am Vehicles. Please reference Below to see what fits you vehicle. If you do not see what you are looking for please feel free to contact...

  • 5/8-18 4130 Chromoly Spherical Rod End Bearing

    UTV Wolfpack

    5/8-18 4130 Chromoly Spherical Rod End Bearing

    3 Piece Race Chromoly Male Spherical Rod End Heat Treated Surface Zinc Plated with PTFE LinerThread: Male 5/8-18 x 1.625" LongBall ID: 5/8"Housing Material: 4130 Heat Treated Chromoly SteelBall Finish: zinc PlatedBearing Race: PTFE LINERHousing Width: 1...