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UTV Wolfpack

1.25x.120 wall Chromoly weld Bung Hex 5/8 18 thread

1.00 LBS
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1.25x.120 wall 4130 Chromoly weld Bung Hex 5/8 18 thread, Notice the Wrench Flats are Recessed so they have more clearance and less of a chance Crashing into frames or places that have tight clearance issues 1.25x.120 Wall Thread Weld bung 5/8 18 left Hand these are made of 4130 Chromoly. These are made with Wolfpack's Proprietary design these are not like the other off the shelf Weld in bungs that you use for jeeps. These have a taper on the end to clear the tight areas on the UTV hubs and spindles, They also feature on the outer most part that gets welded is not thicker then the tube you are welding to creating more clearance on the rod, The Wrench flat version has the wrench flat inset to again not stick past the tube you are welding to, 

We ship this USPS unless told different