Alpha Mutli-Tool - Steering Wheel Puller

1.00 LBS
$5.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Alpha Mutli-Tool - Steering Wheel Puller

Patent pending Wolfpack Multi-Use Tool is a steering wheel puller, Polaris Clutch Tool and Bottle Opener.

Steering Wheel  Puller Tool for all Polaris SXS Models 4 seat and 2 seat.

This is one of those great ideas from the minds at UTV Wolfpack, We noticed that after using a steering wheel puller once you might not ever use one again or maybe for years to come, When we sat and thought about that we wanted to make this tool a multi use tool. This is where we came up with the Steering Wheel puller, Cltuch Belt tool and Bottle opener. This way you do not have to throw away or never use your steering wheel puller again. Pack this tool inside your bag and use it for bottle opener or helping change your CVT Belt