Polaris Rzr Pro R 4 Seat Cage

180.00 LBS
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Pro R 4 seat cage

Newly Released Polaris Rzr Pro R 4 seat Radius Cage, This Cage is built of quality D.O.M Metal, The Cage Features 1.75x.120 Wall Mains with 1.75x.095 supporting tubes. These Cages are CNC Laser Cut and CNC Mendrel bent. If you are not familiar with Metal tubing or processing this creates the most accurate bends and best fitment for our Fixtures or the Weld it Yourself Versions. 


+ Weld it yourself kit Tubes, Cage bungs only

+Weld it yourself kit with Tubes, Roof, Dzus Tabs, Dzus buttons, Weld Bungs Everything to complete the cage build on your own

+Welded Cage No powder Comes with Roof

+Welded cage with Powder comes with Roof- Basic colors Satin Black, White ETC. Candy Colors or Illusions are extra.

+If you need Light bar Tabs or Whip Tabs you need to call for a quote


These cages will be in stock ready within the next 2 weeks, We suggest placing your orders today so you do not get delayed from the orders. Cages will be placed in que of the orders recieved by that date stamp.


This item is not currently available for shipping because of the demand, We do however offer pick up from our location at anytime. 

Dealers order welcomed

If you are looking to upgrade your cage on your side x side please feel free to call us at anytime, We also encourage people to do some homework on what they are buying, Reputable Builders will not use MILD Steel in the cages. Again if you have any questions please call us so that we can help with your purchases.


To reduce shipping Cost here are some suggestions that can bring down the price.

*Shipping to a commercial address with a forklift or loading dock is less expensive ( your work or a friend or family members work)

*picking up from a local shipping hub closest to your house( Most hubs are within 15 minutes( on occasion they can be further but weigh out the cost savings for your time)

*Most expensive form of shipping( Residential with a truck that needs a LIFGATE)

 If you would like a quote direct to residential or commercial address please call or email us to find out. We work with over 20 Shipping Carriers and our pricing is really competitive 

If you are within a few hours of us and would like to pick up please call we will give you a break so that we dont have to deal with palletizing a cage